Seafood inspections

Be sure about quality of the goods you buy

Reduce your non-quality costs


Our company only inspects fishery products. We are 100% specialists.

Fast and efficient

As we are located in Vigo, one of the main Key places for fishing  in the world, we do not waste time on long trips. We deliver the reports in 24 hours.


We know the value for your business of the information that you trust us:  only us will have access to your commercial information.


We control the quality of any processed or unprocessed fishery product before and during the container loading, unloading of trucks, containers or freezer vessels. We work at any location the territory of Spain and Portugal

Control of defects and commercial commitments

We determine the presence of any commercial defect: size,  % of glaze, the homogeneity, the weights, etc ...

Food health control

We make organoleptic control, parasite control and risk analysis by species with sample shipments included.

Complete reports

We issue detailed inspection report. Clear and easy to understand. With extensive photo reporting and statistical details.


We make control on any necessary microbiological parameters, as well as determination of the presence of Norovirus, Hepatitis A. Both accredited and unaccredited, depending on your needs.


Freshness, detection of undeclared additives, nutritional values, presence of marine biotoxins, detection of fraud by determination of the species (DNA), environmental contaminants, heavy metals, presence of allergens. Both accredited and unaccredited, depending of your needs.


Our specialized veterinary staff will attach the analytical results, with the technical advice necessary for their understanding.


We work with the best laboratories in Europe specialized in fishing products. We collect the sample personally and manage the analyzes in the laboratory most appropriate for the requested parameter.

Production control

If you prefer to have full control of the productive process on product you buy, we have expert staff in production of unprocessed fishery products (with or without additives), cooked and fried.

Control from the beginning till the end

We check the whole batch manufacturing, verifying the control of the critical points and the manufacturing defects on the spot.

Second-party audits

According to own criteria or IFS, BRC or ISO standards. We performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they are meeting the requirements specified in your contract.

Follow-up to corrective actions

We monitor the corrective measures committed by your supplier to control problems detected previously.